Do you share our passion?

Let us be clear. If you don’t share our passion for technology and science and in particular for vision technology, then applying has no sense. You’ll end up in an environment of dedicated engineers and technical profiles which together create vision technological solutions and implement them. We get pretty wild, when we see what was initially an idea, is also really working in an industrial environment.

The possibilities of vision technology are enormous. It needs understanding of processes and the talent to create with the various technologies that together make vision technology. It is exactly that what makes Visiongeek different and why we believe to get more out of vision technology. First define the problem statement, then the creation and finally the choice of components for the implementation. Not the other way.
Visiongeek is more than a brand. We have a method and the people to get more out of vision technology. We take our customers step by step in this wonderful world. We share our knowledge and we let them see new possibilities.
We manage to convince companies more and more of vision technology and more specifically the Visiongeek approach and pick up beautiful projects. But the organization needs to follow. We need extra people. Talented people, people with knowledge, but especially people who share our passion. Take a look at the vacancies and contact us.

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