Maybe you know well what you want to achieve with vision technology and we quickly come to a defined project. Maybe you want to investigate the possibilities earlier in the broad sense. Maybe you also have a lot of knowledge about vision technology or maybe it’s all pretty new for you.
Every company is different. Each project is different. Visiongeek goes step by step to help you to get more out of vision technology. We attach great importance to explain and think creative with the possibilities that vision technology offers.
By thinking separately from existing prebuilt solutions or specific components at the start, we achieve solutions who will best reply to your specific need. We share our knowledge, pulling you into the creative process and go together step by step from creation to implementation.


We analyse specific customer requests but we also study how a full production process can be optimized through vision technology. Because we believe that insight in the possibilities of vision technology leads to new and better solutions, we like to take our customers to participate in this project. The resulting ideas are then thoroughly studied and tested.


Not every problem requires extensive new ideas. But rarely the best answer is ready in a box. By approaching every problem unprejudiced and don’t take the functionalities of prebuilt solutions and components, temporary, into account, we come to a better definition of the problem. If then we examine which technology we need for the best detection and image capture, we decide whether something already exists that can do this or whether we will build it.


Each idea must be tested. In our lab we test if an imagined solution also really can work. Often there is more than one possibility to achieve a result. With lab-testing we determine the best solution.

The conditions in a lab are never quite the same as on the work floor. Light, reflections, vibration, just to name a few influences. Testing on the work floor, and pilot projects, are necessary to choose components and build the best possible vision system.



A smooth implementation starts with a good preparation. A vision project is a total project where different competency domains come together.
A combined project team (with people of the customer and from Emsys) by a project-based PMBOK-approach, ensure that the realization is proceeding according the timing and the budget. A standard processing time is approximately 4 months. Afterwards runs an aftercare period of 3 months to refine the vision-parameters based on registered production variables.


Each vision system must continue to function optimally. For this reason we have a Maintenance Pack that provides an annual cleaning and update of components and regular software updates.

The Improvement Pack includes Maintenance Pack but goes further. By analysing the captured images we can advise improvement potential.

The Performance Pack goes even further. The captured data is used to root cause analysis that can lead to significant performance improvements.



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