In May 2017 we already shared our plans to develop a multi-sensor system using vision technology. In order to guarantee a successful end result, more research is needed. This is why we combined forces with three other parties to submit a grant application: Op3Mech, MVTec and Infinite-D Vision.

Now there is good news for all of us! The Flemish government approved our request.

VLAIO-subsidy makes research possible

This subsidy makes additional research possible. To deliver a solid solution, which makes human interaction safer while loading or unloading containers at docks or in semi-automated environments, we need to calculate calibrated 3D data in no time.

Goal of this research

The biggest asset of this approach should be tracking people under any circumstances; day and night, during winter- and summertime, inside and outside. Therefore, we need perfect insight in the situation in the field. Calibrated 3D information, combined with 2D images, makes it possible to distinguish people from moving objects in a robust manner.

Our goal:

  • An accurate detection
  • 100% reliable footage
  • Reporting risks proactively

We are not there yet. However, this granted subsidy is a result of our entrepreneurship and motivation to innovate. On top of that, we need those insights to generate a solid solution, which can be implemented in different industries.

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