Emsys is hiring young engineers to offer their clients a flawless service

Visiongeek hires Junior Engineer Jens Roosens

We are hiring young talent, such as Jens. He is a sportsman and driven to go the extra mile, also professionally.

He has a degree in Industrial Engineering Electromechanics and is specialised in automation. His no nonsense approach and his will to deliver, will be a great asset to set up a machine vision system which is technically feasible. Vision only delivers insight in your production when the electromechanical aspect works flawless.

Yannick Van Velthoven is our new champ at PSS

Yannick will help us strengthen our position within the market of track and tracing via barcodes. He is passionate about programming and result driven. Besides his professional ambitions, he is interested in technology, digital arts, entertainment, gaming and music.

His skills are  real assets for our PSS-team, because we need passionate employees to relaunch PSS in the upcoming months.

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